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Brandishing his own emblematic rapping style, Boy Wonder DaOne enraptures listeners by utilizing vivid images and attractive beats. Motivated by family and inspired by virtually everything, Wonder’s fun and sometimes explicit lyrics offer an engaging viewpoint on life. “I like people to party and be able to have fun.” Currently, he is getting ready to release the new track “Big Truck Driven” off his new single, “For da luv of M.O.N.E.Y., which is an explosively energetic song about life on the road. Wonder holds a barrage of hits that will tantalize the eardrum and vibe you to the bone.

Born into a family of performers, Wonder was surrounded by a vast array of melodies. Growing up, he toured with a myriad of performers exposing him to various artistic influences. His mother, Attalah, a talented singer, road manager and promoter for multiple reputable artists, inspired the young Wonder to express himself through music. “Music is an expression of my soul. It’s who I am, what I see through my eyes and everyone around me.” Wonder then began what he calls, “my walk, my talk.” Dedicated to serving up dynamic hits that put fun in the lives of all who listen.

At the age of 14, Wonder hit the studio and never looked back again as he wasn’t scared to reach for his future with both hands. Wonder consumed himself with the tunes of Nas, Nayshawn & Jungle Jones, the Bravehearts, Jay-Z, Jeezy, KRS1, Mos Def, Common, Juvenile and many more. Not wanting to be anyone or anything else, he pursued his dream of entertaining. “I get in a whole different vibe when I get around music. Some [tracks] I can do in 20 minutes and some in five to six hours.” Time in the studio was spent recording various clever verses about multiple aspects of his life. “I want people to learn from my mistakes.” Some of these mistakes hindered Wonder on his journey and he was faced with adversity and apprehension rather than praise and promotion. Through these rough times inspiration surfaced through his supportive and loving grandparents, acclaimed drummer, Steve Ellington and Dot Ellington, who owned a record store where Wonder found refuge and solace. His god mom, Ms. West (mother of the late Pimp-C), also known as “Momma UGK,” served as his guardian angel in providing encouraging and wise words to aid and comfort him on his journey. When asked about the impact they’ve had on his life he replied, “They gave me the motivation to keep going. You have to go hard and grind in life to make it.”

His time was well spent as he was invited to perform and dominated the stages in the Art of War Tour where he met and networked with acclaimed artists Aaliyah, Master P, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, Timbaland, and Genuine “earning the respect of the respectable.” After delivering impressive performances at local venues, road shows, live shows, and night clubs, a loyal and dedicated fan base began to form igniting a wildfire among a diverse range of listeners.

However, there is far more to Boy Wonder DaOne than fun, partying, touring, and rapping. He is also known as Kenny Davis. Though raised in North Carolina, he was born in Ohio. He is a family man with aspirations of community development, youth empowerment, and farming. A man whose got the desire to give back to the communities and create better tomorrows for everyone, everywhere. When asked what to expect from him in the future, the demure Kenny replied, “You can expect anything.” Appreciative and mindful of all the insight given to him, Wonder continues to pursue his dream.