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Craig Marks

TV: Intervention, Next Iron Chef: Redemption, Iron Chef America, Full Circle

Composer - TV: Intervention, Next Iron Chef: Redemption, Iron Chef America, Full Circle

Like a master chef who elevates food into art, composer Craig Marks serves up a sumptuous feast of musical delight - expertly blending exotic textures and heart-breaking melodies with a melange of global sounds.


On any given day, Craig can be found hard at work in the studio coaxing rhythm and melody from an extensive array of "instruments" - many bought or found, but some built specifically for projects by Marks himself. Buzz saws, antenna arrays, and a horrifically broken dishwasher have all found a place in his scores. "There's music in everything," Marks says, "the trick is matching tonality and emotion."


Most recently, Marks completed work on Next Iron Chef: Redemption. Food Network's hit Iron Chef America properties have provided continuous culinary and musical challenges for a combined 18 seasons and counting. In 2010, Marks released the Iron Chef America / Next Iron Chef soundtrack in response to an outpouring of fan requests.


For the last 13 seasons of A&E's Emmy and PRISM award winning hit series Intervention, Marks has created consistently compelling music rooted in an ever evolving main theme, which was nominated for a Hollywood Music in Media Award in 2012 for Best Original Theme Music - TV Show.


Born and raised in San Jose, California, Craig grew up in a family that actively encouraged musical growth and expression. Having taught himself to play guitar, he began composing songs and experimental music during high school, discovering his lifelong passion.


Craig flourished upon moving to Los Angeles and, after a series of fortuitous meetings, soon found his musical studies encouraged and supported by the likes of Lionel Richie and Bill Conti. In addition to guitar, Marks studied numerous world instruments, including oud, gamelan, and sitar while earning a degree in music composition from UCLA.


Marks quickly earned his stripes while still a student. Having scored his first films and worked with a leading commercial music production company, Craig was soon invited to apprentice with Hans Zimmer - officially launching his journey as a Hollywood composer. Marks went on to work alongside many other established composers, contributing his talents to a wide-ranging list of films.


Fluent and active in a wide variety of genres, Marks has written for feature films, network and cable television, animated series, commercials, and classical ensembles.