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S1 (Symbolyc One)

“Power,” “Best Thing I Ever Had," "Murder to Excellence,” "My Life"
Producer – “Power,” “Best Thing I Ever Had," "Murder to Excellence,” "My Life"

Symbolyc One (S1), born in 1976 as Larry D. Griffin Jr., was born and raised in Waco, TX. As a child, S1 grew up infatuated with old tunes that played on his parents’ turntable. This led him to learning alto sax and piano through out his teen years. As a devoted Christian, S1 began playing piano for Sunday school at his local church which developed his insight on music even more. In 1999, he received his Associates Degree in Applied Science: Audio Engineering, which required him to take his music theory and ear training to another level. Through a decade of hard work, sacrifice, rewards and disappointments, he continued to work harder and put ALL his trust in God to guide his life and career. Today, S1 is the main producer of the highly acclaimed group Strange Fruit Project. His style and production range stretches beyond all genres from R&B to Soul, from Underground to Urban Pop and everything else in between. Ultimately, he’s gone on to co-produce (along with Kanye/Mike Dean) the hit single “Power” for Grammy Award Winning Artist/Producer Kanye West. He also worked with Beyonce to co-produce “Best Thing I’ve Never Had” and 50 Cent for “My Life,” featuring Eminem and Adam Levine. S1 is a core member in Erykah Badu’s electronic band, The Cannabinoids.