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Swiff D

Producer, Songwriter
"Studio," "Bring My Bottles," "Animal Ambition"

Producer, Songwriter - "Studio," "Bring My Bottles," "Animal Ambition"

Hailing from Ontario, California, Steve “Swiff D” Thornton is a world renown producer and the musical mastermind behind Pac Div. He’s widely known for his energetic “neck breaking” beats that wowed audiences at the 2007 Red Bull’s Big Tune contest. Placing as a finalists in the competition enabled him to develop a worldwide fan-base and led him to work with highly revered artists such as Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes, Chris Brown, Anthony Hamilton, David Banner, Jadakiss and Dipset. As the son of a Pastor, he was raised in the Christian church, which is where he began to develop his talents as a drummer and explore his interest in music. However, because he was unable to afford the expensive music production hardware, he turned to Fruity Loops 3 and personally challenged himself to create a top notch sound without top notch equipment. His work ethic and dedication eventually drew the attention of several of his favorite major artists. Of late, Swiff has landed production on various projects including Lil Wayne, Logic, Omarion, 50 Cent and not to mention Schoolboy Q’s single “Studio.” His inspiration for his success and future in music has evolved from not only the happiness in wowing his fans and peers, but his love for his family that is by his side along the way.