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Yvette Metoyer

Music Coordinator

Yvette Metoyer grew up in sunny Southern California and enjoyed spending her time outdoors. As the sun would set, she often spent hours in her brother’s room watching him spin UTFO and Run DMC on his Technics turntables. It was around this time that her love for music was born. Throughout high school and college, she would make mix tapes for all of her friends and still does to this day. 

Following her graduation from Cal State Long Beach, she interned at NBC for several months before landing on The Weakest Linkgame show as a production assistant. For the next several years Yvette has worked on both non-scripted and scripted shows, including NBC’s Three Wishes and HBO’s Big Love as an associate producer and assistant coordinator respectively.

It was after completing her work on Big Love when she realized her dream of working in music supervision. She met Thomas Golubić in 2008 and began working with him on the Emmy award winning AMC series Breaking Bad. From there the rollercoaster ride continued on the glamorously Morodor-esque indie film, Ultrasuede and the zombie apocalypse ratings juggernaut The Walking Dead.

In between projects, she is trying her hand at spinning on the 1’s and 2’s. She had the pleasure of DJ-ing with her brother for the first time at an extravagant Halloween party in 2012 – The Technics prophecy.